لە کتێبی:
Ali Jawshani
 2 خولەک  1649 بینین

This dictionary is the result of over 15 years of continuous research, compilation and fieldwork. It comprises approximately 100,000 main entries and sub-entries and thousands examples, expressions, idioms, phrases and sentences with special uses and collocations.

My aim has been to produce a dictionary that can be useful and beneficial for users and self-study.

Typical users of this dictionary include authors, translators, researchers, scientists, journalists, writers, students and etc.

The Kurdistanica is not intended to be exhaustive.

Finally, I wish to record my personal thanks to all those encouraged the author and to others (experts, craftsmen, skilled workers, aged persons etc.) and to innumerable friends and acquaintances who have contributed to this dictionary; to members of my own family; but above all to my mother, my wife and my son, whose help and tolerance have been exemplary.

Ali Jawshani

Bokan 2014