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Abdollah Abdollah Zadeh
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This English-Kurdish(Sorani)-Persian trilingual Dictionary is the product of about my five years continuous hard work. Like any other dictionaries, this is not a complete one. I have done my best to present a new and unique one, but I cannot judge to what extent I’ve succeeded.

What motivated me to write the dictionary? When I was a student I usually thought about a Kurdish-English Dictionary, aftermath I became a university student and wanted to translate some things to Kurdish. But I couldn’t find any English-Kurdish Dictionary. So I decided to do so. I asked many literate people to help me but no one paid any attention to my request, unfortunately. I saw that passion, appetence and desire can’t carry out the task. As Kurds say: “Never give over your task to your neighbors, work hard to have a full stomach”. In other words “No gain No Pain”. I believe that necessity is the mother of inventions and the researcher is the finder. I solely collected some references and resources and devoted a long time of my life to it. I added Persian column to it, to be understood better.

I have tried not to use regional or slang Kurdish. The words that have large extensive applications are used here. I hope it will be useful for researchers, writers, teachers, translators and students. In regard to the value of dictionary, it’s enough as Persian people say: “The goldsmith knows the value of the gold and the jeweler knows the price of the jewel”. Finally, I thank my dear friend Qarani Amin Pour, helping me in re-correcting word spellings and also I’m in debt to my family.

Abdollah Abdollah Zadeh



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Abdollah Abdollah Zadeh is an English teacher. He was born in 1973 in Chomalan a village environs Mahabad.

His other works are:

1. Zagros (English-Persian-Kurdish) equivalent proverbs.

2. Translation of “Kurdish Ethnonationalism” from English in to Persian (Published in 2001).

3. Translation of “The Kurdish situation in Iran” in to Persian.

4. Translation of “Hersin Cultural & Historical Monuments” from Persian to English.

5. Writing booklet “Teaching English letters and words” for beginners.

6. Writing many articles in different Magazines and mass media.