edit update 2020/02/27

Vejin Dictionaries Project

an attempt to collect all available Kurdish dictionaries.

  • Collect all the monolingual and bilingual Kurdish dictionaries.
  • There is also an attempt to establish the bases to write a new dictionary in the Kurdish language.
  • This project is running as a "wiki", which means the users can improve and enrich the subjects constantly.

The objectives

  • To make it easier for users to search the dictionaries and compare the meaning of a word in several dictionaries.
  • To help the translators to find the meaning of each word in various dictionaries quickly and easily.
  • To add extra information such as part of speech, the source dialect, the morphology, the etymology, etc. for each entry.
  • To annex a set of idioms, proverbs, and literary instances to the dictionary.
  • To reinforce and enhance Kurdish language status on the web.
  • To provide a central establishment in order to cite and refer to Kurdish dictionaries.

The administrators and contributors

This project has commenced in Marivan by Vejin, the art and cultural center, in 2020. Various publishing companies and many individuals have participated in the project voluntarily.